SUMMER IS ON and folks are looking for the best getaway to visit this season. Millennials are using social media as the main source for finding resorts, hotels, products and services. We all know that social media marketing is a powerful technique in targeting audience. As a business, you must consider different techniques in reaching higher engagement rates to convert into sales and loyal customers.

So how you can use social media to boost your business? Here are a few tips on using social media to promoting your business:

  • AN OUTSTANDING SOCIAL MEDIA PAGE –  It’s easy to get started in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram because most of the content formats and features works great for business. Before you post your content, your page must be attractive and outstanding so make sure you have an attractive cover and profile photo. In Facebook, you can upload a video file as the profile or cover of your page. Just be creative! Also, you must have a complete contact information so your customers can know how to contact you–fill in your contact details or direct them to your website. In addition to make your page stand out, you can also include a short description about your business or perhaps a story to inspire your audience. People nowadays are attracted to humorous stories or stories that can relate to them. Social media pages are also known as micro digital billboard because you can display your ads on your page.

  • A CREATIVE SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN – Marketers nowadays are very creative. They can convince consumers by using filtered photos and humorous content. As a social media manager, you should be updated on the social media trends as well as competitors activity to create an effective marketing strategy. The best strategy is to make a review of your competitors on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Also, you can learn new skills like photography, photo editing and manipulation and video editing to make your ads. Those skills can be done through video tutorials available on Youtube. These skills can help your page standout. Some marketers used promo ads, photo manipulation, blog marketing and travel videos to promote their products and services.

  • PROMOTE YOUR WEBSITE – To increase your website’s traffic, you need to promote it through social media. This is the main goal of your campaign—to lead them to your website, navigate and complete the transaction (Point of Sale). Make sure that your website is easy to navigate so they can spend less time for logs. Customers don’t want to spend time in looking for the checkout button just to buy the product.

  • CREATE A STRATEGIC CONTENT CALENDAR – To reach higher engagements in social media, you must have engaging campaigns. But some marketers can have problems in coming up with topics and content to post in each day. Content calendar can help you decide what topic or content to post. some social media managers promote their products and services through edited photos and creative designs, witty content or inspiring stories that are inspired by their products. You can also do a research on new techniques in producing creative content.

  • CHECK YOUR MESSAGES – Expect hundreds of messages from your audience. Don’t ignore them, as much as possible, engage with them. Facebook provides response rate to the speed of replies to the inquiries. It will also help boost your page. For common questions you receive from your audience, you can use auto reply setting or FAQS.

  • CUSTOMER REVIEW – It’s important to know your customer feedback. This is a great way to improve your business and be one of the most recommended pages in social media. Excellent rate and reviews can help boost your business. It’s easy to spread the message through good/bad reviews. Make sure to provide the best quality for your customers.

So, this is it! Start your summer by creating the best social media campaign with your digital marketing team. Engage with your target audience and convert them into loyal customers. For more tips and advice in social media marketing, just email us at info@localhost or LIKE US on

Good luck!